Our Services

Client Services

Having a skills bank of Staff and Trades people to draw on gives our major contractors a significant advantage, as being able to find all the skills they need through one company helps with project management issues and increases their control over timescales and costs.

  • Executive Search Services – for discreet head-hunting.
  • Permanent Staff Search - for sourcing Engineering professionals and Support staff.
  • Temporary Hire Services – for Short- Term, Short Notice or time critical specific projects across industry segments including Installations, Shut- Downs and short duration hires.
  • Bulk Recruitment Services - specifically for Skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workforce and operatives.
  • Salary Compensation Surveys – Protech offers this additional service to aid the recruitment process and to ensure that the client gets the most from his Protech experience.
  • Visa stamping & Documentation – a team of executives are exclusively involved in the preparation of documents, necessary attestations, and visa endorsements wherever required. We are authorized by various consulates to submit passports and documents for this purpose. We also assist candidates in the attestation of certificates as well as translations required.

Our Methodology

The recruitment services are well defined in a wide range of specialized recruitment methods. This ensure that most relevant methodology is used to increase the chances of a successful placement.

  • Executive Search & Selection – the objective is to find an exact customized fit to your Tier 1-2-3 executives. It helps our clients make an informed decision on their key hires.
  • Advertised Assignments – covers a range of recruitment options and is frequently used as a supporting method in an overall campaign. It is effective as it cover multiple regions and attracts candidates currently looking for better options. An appropriate recruitment methodology for major projects requiring high volumes of site based personnel.
  • Database File search – an updated and exhaustive resource database of potential candidates, pre-screened by our consultants and whose abilities are well known to us. It caters to a wide range requirements.
  • Response Handling – all our consultants are highly experienced and are career recruiters with strong commitment to professional excellence. Sorting, Short-listing and Ranking large number of CV’s received in response to direct advertisements with effective communication both with the client and candidates applying helps our clients reduce time scales and project costs.
  • Web Recruitment – we have close relationships and long term commitments with leading recruitment websites for the Engineering and Construction industry.
  • International Search – our network of offices in neighboring countries and in the Far East assist our clients in achieving a balanced nationality mix at the same time in sourcing the best candidate for the position, irrespective of the nationality.

Fast -Track the Shortlist

Protech prides itself on its high quality recruitment and selection process which ensures that we provide the best candidates for every client's specific requirements. It is our role to pre-screen and pre-select candidates before submitting their details to a client to ensure accurate matching.

Every candidate is pre-screened by Protech using the following process:

Technical & Support Staff
  • Structured interview - with a trained Consultant who will assess the overall quality of the candidate, probe and question in detail about their employment history and accurately determine the personal and career motivators of the candidate.
  • Formatted CV - is written for each candidate which allows the client easy comparison of different candidates' details. It is Protech’s aim to provide a client with 2-3 quality CV's for each position.
  • Reference Checks - provided by previous line managers are obtained and can be provided on request.
  • Candidate orientation - Every candidate is fully briefed on the opportunity to ensure that there is a detailed understanding by the candidate of the role, the company, the career progression, support for professional development and all other areas which will ensure a match between what the candidate wants and what the client can offer. Essentially it is our job to ensure that once a candidate walks through the client's door for their first interview, the client can explore areas of specific interest to them rather than start at the very beginning of the selection process.

The size and breadth of knowledge of our team allows us to be completely flexible to your needs. We are equally effective recruiting for single specialized positions and volume recruitment campaigns.

Screening Process ….

Protech has successfully sent candidates to fill vacancies across the GCC, where they have worked on some of the most prestigious construction projects in the world. Happily, our reputation for providing a professional and highly effective service has traveled with them.

Trades & Labour
  • Project Requirements - details of the project are discussed with the line managers with specific regard to the skills required.
  • Scope of Trade Tests - parameters and scope of Trade testing are finalised. Site materials, testing & measuring equipments are procured at testing sites.
  • Past exposure - candidate profiles are scrutinised in detail and our consultant will assess the past exposure and experience in the specific skill required.
  • HR Assessment - trade tests are followed up with a HR interview to assess personal traits and behavior.
  • Candidate Orientation - all trade candidates are well prepared for the work place to ensure that they start work on a site the moment they are deployed.
  • Medical examinations - to ensure fitness for the trade selected are conducted prior to the signing of contract eliminates health issues on site.

Organisation Chart

Under the leadership of our Chairman Mr. N.N. Mehra, we have a fully equipped professional recruitment team that includes multi-disciplinary Consultants, Specialists and Coordinators with expertise across all functional areas and industries.

  • Business Heads
  • Recruitment Managers (Technical)
  • Team Leaders
  • Recruitment Coordinators
  • Coordinators at Strategic Locations
  • Document Controlling & Processing Executives
  • Travel Consultants
  • Grievance, Feedback and Counselling cell